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Importance of Cape Nature Fencing Certificate


Importance of Cape Nature Fencing Certificate

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The implementation of the Game Theft Act 1991 which officially cede legal ownership of game on exempted farms to the farm owner, created the foundation for the enormous expansion of game ranching.

With the growing demand for game farms in the Western Cape the farming certification forms are an essential part of a successful game farming operation.

A fencing certificate or Certified of Adequate Enclosure (CoAE) allows a landowner to take ownership of his game.  It allows him to hunt throughout the year, use some legal hunting methods and capture and trade his game.

It is in effect his licence to do business.

Very important, when the certificate expires, the farmer effectively loses ownership of his animals and cannot do business any more.  Landowners are then dependent on the state to renew certificates that can be, and are, effectively preventing the owner to do business.

In the Western Cape, Cape Nature will not issue a new permit unless the landowner can present proof of a legal ownership in the form of a transport permit for the game if it is not included in the existing fencing certificate.

I suggest to that landowners inform themselves about the expiry date of their existing certificate and act accordingly to make sure they stay legally in business.

Author Jannie Fourie, Principal of AGRISELL
Published 15 Apr 2016 / Views -
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