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POA | 1,106Ha Farm For Sale in Bethal Rural



Escape to the heart of agricultural opportunity with this exceptional farm nestled next to Bethal, Mpumalanga, South Africa. Your chance to own a piece of history awaits, as these 1106 hectares of prime land, held within a family trust for over a century, are now open for a new chapter of prosperity.

Embrace the future of farming with innovative and diversified approaches, ensuring not only agricultural success but also opening doors to vertical food production. This forward-thinking strategy transforms the property into a highly profitable investment, providing sustainability in the ever-evolving world of agriculture.

Unlock the full potential of these properties by exploring mixed-use development opportunities. Imagine strip malls, service stations, guest houses, restaurants, tea gardens, boutique hotels, and conference facilities seamlessly blending with the still-operational farming venture. This unique integration sets the stage for a thriving agri-tourism venture, creating a dynamic synergy between food production and the visitor experience.

The properties come equipped with established large dams and boreholes, offering a robust solution to the prevailing water crisis. Beat the challenges with a property that not only addresses current needs but anticipates future demands, with potential for additional boreholes and water storage facilities, enabling efficient irrigation of specific areas.

Approximate areas and land use include:
• 2 hectares of irrigated land near the homestead for vegetable cultivation.
• 6 hectares of land with irrigation potential adjoining a large dam, opening up possibilities for further vegetable production.
• 341 hectares of dryland, comprising 292 hectares of Hutton and Avalon soils, historically producing 9-10 tons per hectare of maize, and 50 hectares of Arcadia and Sandy soils, demonstrating yields of up to 4 tons per hectare of soybeans under an average rainfall of 600-700mm per annum. All arable lands are fenced from grazing areas.
• 703 hectares of natural grazing.
• 30 hectares of Eragrostis for grazing or hay production.

Some of the arable land near existing or potential boreholes is well-suited to intensive vegetable production using drip irrigation. With the increasing demand for plant-based proteins, the potential for producing, supplying, and possibly processing vegetables becomes a viable and lucrative option.

The areas under Eragrostis are ideal for winter feed (hay) if beef or dairy production is practiced, or for supplying fodder to drought-stricken areas with a profitable market for hay production. Seize the opportunity to be part of a legacy where tradition meets innovation, and where the potential for growth is as vast as the land itself.

This unique property, currently on tender, offers different portions for potential buyers to bid on, providing flexibility for individual preferences or the option to acquire the entire property. Don't miss your chance to cultivate success in this agricultural gem with limitless possibilities.

The Farm in question is composed of 8 portions which is allocated to two title deeds.

Title deed 1, refers to T8214/1965 - Under Deed of Grant T37344/84 and consist of the following:

1. PORTION 22 (a portion of Portion 4) of the farm RUSTFONTEIN 109 - 97.6032Ha
High potential soil (includes Hutton & Arcadia) with borehole and windpump, current land use in conjunction with Portion 10.

2. PORTION 10 (a portion of Portion 4) of the farm RUSTFONTEIN 109 - 85.6532Ha
High Potential arable soil, current land use in conjunction with Portion 22.

3. REMAINING EXTENT of PORTION 14 (a portion of Portion 2) of the farm RUSTFONTEIN 109 - 32.6253Ha
Natural Grazing currently, also high Potential arable soil with 23,874 Cubic Meter dam.

4. REMAINING EXTENT of PORTION 1 of the farm RUSTFONTEIN 109 - 222.3543Ha
Portion with the Farmstead on, mostly Eragrostis Pastures with Medium to High Potential arable soils, as well as a 20,580 Cubic Meter dam.
Infrastructure on the homestead:
- Farm stall at entrance
- 23 horse boxes with feed storage (about 210m2)
- Storeroom
- Operational milking parlour (milking 9 cows at a time) with associated bulk milk storage areas office and showers/ changerooms – 330m 2
- Feeding stables adjoining milking parlour – 600m2
- Adjacent feeding stables
- Calf pens
- Bull oxes
- Shed and Feed stores 480m2
- Steel shed open all sides – 450m2
- Old labourers’ accommodation – 170m2 and 30m2
- Workshop, stores and lean-to – 375m2
- Two Houses – 425m2 and 310m2

5. REMAINING EXTENT of PORTION 10 (a portion of Portion 1) of the farm MOOIFONTEIN 108 - 115.1839Ha
Natural Grazing with potential Arable Soil and a 15,180 Cubic Meter Dam. Spatial Development plan of Bethal indicates future medium density residential development opportunity.

6. PORTION 11 (a portion of Portion 1) of the farm MOOIFONTEIN 108 - 108.0158Ha
Natural Grazing and High Potential Arable Land with a 324,576 Cubic Meter dam and borehole. Adjacent to Portion 1 with farmstead.

7. REMAINING EXTENT of PORTION 11 (a portion of Portion 3) of the farm RUSTFONTEIN 109 - 277.4507Ha
This portion “straddles” the N17 Toll Road and have potential for a fuel station site. Currently being used as arable and grazing land.

TOTAL HECTARES TITLE DEED T8214/1965 – 938.8864 Hectares

Title deed 2, refers to T14876/1979 and consist of the following:

8. REMAINING EXTENT of PORTION 27 of the farm MOOIFONTEIN 108 - 167.8336Ha
This portion adjoins an already proclaimed township, Sorrento Park which is in turn adjacent to BethalRand. Arable land and natural grazing.


Tender Closing Date: 15 March 2024 at 17:00


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