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R17,000,000 | 53Ha Farm For Sale in Hermon


RIEBEECK KASTEEL / HERMON: Lucrative income stream from quality fruit production

AGRISELL is fortunate to be able to offer this farming enterprise under an EXCLUSIVE SOLE MANDATE to potential buyers.

Situated on the western bank of the perennial Berg River, this 53-hectare farm is a real gem in this highly sought-after area. A lucrative income is generated from three fruit production sources.

The main farming activity is the production of quality olives, pomegranates and wine grapes, covering about 32,5 hectares of the acreage and securing a constant income with lower risks. The rest of the acreage consists of unplanted irrigation land, fallow land, riverbanks, a dwelling, a shed, parking areas and various roads. The farmland and infrastructure are neat and well-maintained.

The buyer may want to develop the property further to utilize the full potential of the farm.

Rainfall occurs mostly during the winter months and an average of 400 - 500 mm precipitation is measured annually. The prevailing winds are the south-easter during summer and the north-westerly during winter. The daily summer climate is moderate to hot and dry, and winters are cooler with occasional rain. The temperature varies from 33°C in the mid-summer to 20°C during winter. The winter nights are mostly frost free.

The topography consists mainly of slopes and fertile valleys descending towards the river. The arable soils vary from well-drained sandy-loam to sandy-clay, with decomposed, cool shale soil in the higher lying areas.

The fauna and flora are typical of this type of topography and the farming enterprise is fortunate that there are still small antelope and plenty of birds enjoying this habitat. Most of the invasive alien plants and trees on the property have been felled.

Water and soil are the lifeblood of the agricultural industry, and its success depends on a variety of soil types and the management thereof. Sufficient fresh water for household and farming purposes is extracted from the Berg River, and for household use it is filtered through a purification system.

Irrigation water for the orchards, groves and vineyards are per registered water usage rights in terms of the Water Act of 1998. An application for the validation and verification of water usage rights, for the use of additional irrigation water on the property within the Benede Berg River Irrigation Board water management area, has been submitted to the Department of Water and Sanitation.

Water is pumped directly from the Berg River, using a movable pump, through filters from where it is reticulated all around the property from the booster pump station to the various irrigation blocks.

Water taken from the Berg River for irrigation purposes is 25,6-hectare, at 6,000 m3 per annum. In total the volume of 153,600 m3 per annum is available for irrigation. This water supply is sufficient for the existing groves, orchards and vineyards under irrigation. It is possible to extend the dam for water security.

Approximately 12.5 hectares of the acreage are planted with pomegranates to produce quality fruit for the export market.

Pomegranates prefer a Mediterranean climate - colder winters and hot summers. This property has the ideal climate. Pomegranate trees have a long lifespan and can bear fruit for more than 30 years.

From a horticulture perspective, all the pomegranate orchards were well-established with correct soil preparation; and the plant spacing, and drainage are well-planned. Most of the trees, 8 hectares, are trellised, leaving 4,5-hectare that are not. All the trees are in an excellent condition. The demand for quality pomegranates for the export market is still increasing, and there are areas on the property that could be used to expand the existing orchards.

The pomegranates are watered by a double drip irrigation system. Trellising, pruning, thinning out of fruit clusters after fruit set, topping and picking are all done by hand.

The pomegranate plantings consist of two varieties, namely 10 hectares of a late-ripening ‘Wonderful’ and 2 hectares mid-season ‘Herskovitz’, both Israeli varieties. Trees were planted from 2008 till 2016. Pomegranate farming requires specialised agricultural practices and therefore Israelian experts visit the South African pomegranate farmers regularly, to give advice and technically support. The pomegranates are packed and exported by Sonlia Packhouse in Wellington, through EDOM fruit products from Israel.

Approximately 8 hectares of the acreage are planted with vines to produce good quality wine. The vines are irrigated by a drip irrigation system. Pruning, thinning out and picking are all done by hand.
The vineyards consist of 3-hectares Shiraz, planted in 2004, and 5-hectare Chardonnay, planted in 2005. Both cultivars are in high demand.
Top quality grapes are produced, harvested and delivered to Riebeeck Valley Wine Company. Above average prices are achieved from the 100-ton of grapes quota harvest annually.

Olive Groves
Approximately 7 hectares of the acreage are planted with olives to produce good quality oil. The trees are mostly in full bearing.

From a horticulture perspective all the olive groves are well-established with correct soil preparation; and the plant spacing and drainage were well-planned. All the trees are in excellent condition with optimum colour. The demand for quality olives is still growing, and there are areas on the property that could be used to expand the existing olive groves.
The olives are watered by a double drip irrigation system. Pruning, topping, and picking are all done by hand.

The olives plantings consist of a variety of oil production varieties such as FS 17, Coratina, Leccino and Frantoio and were planted during 2003, 2004 and 2006.

Olives produced on the farm are all sold to Morgenster where only top-quality gold oil is produced from olives sourced from top producers. To this day Morgenster Olive estate continues to buy only olives to produce pure, unadulterated extra virgin oil according to the vision and expertise of their founder. An above average income of R11,000,00 per ton can be achieved in years when the oil content is high.

Accommodation Building Infrastructure:
The property has a 600 m², partly double-storey dwelling as accommodation for the owner and his family.
This house was renovated in 2015 and is in fairly good repair. It consists of an open plan living and dining room, office and kitchenette, lounge areas as well as a scullery and pantry. These are fully furnished. A wooden staircase leads to the 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms upstairs. The house is set in a well-established garden, with a swimming pool and horse paddocks to the side of it.

To the north of the house is a covered stoep with a braai and entertainment area. The stoep boasts panoramic, scenic views towards the olive and pomegranates groves as well as towards the river in the valley below.

There are no staff houses on the property.

Farming Building Infrastructure:
There is a newly built 200 m² shed serving as parking space for equipment and vehicles, maintenance - and workshop rooms, ablution facilities, staff ablution and staff room, poison room and fertiliser storage area. The shed is a steel-framed building with corrugated steel roof and concrete floor. It is situated conveniently in the centre between the olive and pomegranate groves.

Membership for sale:
It trades as a Close Corporation, as the title deed holder, owning the immovable asset, the vehicles and equipment. The membership is available as a going concern and for sale at R17 million, including all assets and agreements.


Floor Size
Land Size
-33.55039674520103, 19.040844772794312

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